Deep South to Abu Fendera

Trip will start from Port Ghalib and we will cover the following in this safari on board Sea Sound 1:

Marsa Alam Area 

Abu Dahab

Abu Dahab is a cluster of seven shallow reefs at depths ranging from 15m to 25m, with many caves and colourful coral gardens to explore.  You can expect to see plenty of red anemones with their ever-present clownfish in this area, Blue-spotted stingrays, and Napoleon wrasse.  There are frequent dolphin sightings here, too. Night dives in the vicinity are interesting, as well, as Spanish dancers are often seen here. On the southern outer reefs shark encounters are likely. 


Elphinstone Reef is a long thin reef formation with stepped plateaus at both the north and south ends and sheer vertical drop-offs to the east and west.  Beautiful pink and purple soft corals can be found here as well as Gorgonian fans at between 20 – 30m depth.  The site is excellent for encountering large marine life including White and Grey Tip Reef Sharks, Hammerheads, Thresher sharks and Oceanic White Tips. 

Shaab Sharm

Shaab Sharm, or Gota Sharm is a large, kidney-shaped reef with steep sloping wall on its east and south sides. The crescent of reef around the reef’s southern tip offers the best diving, with rich coral growth from the surface shallows down. There are numerous soft coral and hard corals. There is also some black coral on the wall’s deeper sections. Groupers, barracudas, snappers and unicorns can be seen here. 

Shaab Claudio

Claudia Reef is a small reef. The west side of the reef has is covered with hard corals. Current will normally run from north to south, with lots of caves and swim through 

Sataya or Dolphin Reef

Sataya, also called Dolphin reef, is located at the southeast tip of Fury Shoal. Many different dives can be done along this reef, but most of them are on the east and southern part. The east side is a sloping wall with many coral heads. The south side is a coral garden ideal for night dives. There are many dolphins living in the area together with snappers, barracudas and white tips sharks.

St.John's Reef

St. John’s Reef system lies south of the promontory of Ras Banas and only 40km north of Egypt’s border with Sudan.  There are numerous sites here offering divers different experiences.  There are plenty of fine coral gardens with magnificent Gorgonian Fans and Black corals.  You will have  a chance to see many shark species from Hammerheads to Oceanic White Tips, Threshers to Silver Tips, as well as the more common White Tip Reef and Grey Reef sharks. 

Abu Fendera 

A.k.a Abu Fendera, is the most Southern dive site of our itineraries. In fact, the site being in Egypt or Sudan is under dispute.  It makes part of a 6 km chain of reefs.